Get commissions each time
your referrals purchase on Fabrilife


We've created Fabrilife Affiliate Program (XploeSquad) so that you can earn money for helping us spread the world. It's an easy, risk-free way for you to earn commissions on your referrals, and it only takes a few minutes to set up. Join us on one of the most popular affiliate platforms in Bangladesh.

High Conversion

Fabrilife has been building a reputation as the most reliable online fashion brand in Bangladesh through exceptional product quality. Not to mention top-notch support and service to our customers. The reputation means high conversion rates for affiliates.

Quick & convenient

It takes only a few minutes to set up your affiliate account. You can share any product or page with your audience. But it's not required that your referrals must have to buy from your shared products. Whatever they buy, you will get your commissions.

Regular payouts

As an affiliate, you earn a commission every time a customer makes a purchase on Fabrilife after clicking your referral link or using your discount coupons. And we make sure it’s no hassle to collect your commission. We maintain a 15-day payout cycle.

Trusted Platform

We have over 94% verified purchaser satisfaction rating. We've worked with many Govt. organizations and hundreds of renowned cross-border brands and institutions. You can rely on us. We are your friend and your trusted partner in growth.

How it works?


Create Account

Register on Fabrilife, if you haven't already. Set up your discount coupon and your Bank/Bkash account details for commission withdrawal.


Share affiliate links

Create referral links for the products you choose or our website. Spread your discount coupon or referral links on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, TikTok, or on your website/blog.


Watch your commissions grow

You earn actual money every time someone purchases on Fabrilife. We provide real-time reporting on your earnings and regular payouts on your dashboard.

365 DAYS


Why its easy on Fabrilife?

Discount for your referrals

Yes! Because people always love a little extra, and it's easy for you to convince. Every customer that you bring will get an extra 10% discount on whatever they buy on Fabrilife.

Our products are really good

Also doesn't break the bank. Your referrals will thank you. Over 40% of our first-time customers order for the second time within the next 30 days. A high satisfaction rating also gives you an extra 40% growth.

Its easy to sell Fashion

Nothing is easier to sell than trendy, fashionable cloth. Even easier when the price is very affordable but still very high in overall quality. And our after-sales service is the cherry on the top.

How do I earn money by joining XploeSquad?
You earn from qualifying purchases through the traffic you drive to Fabrilife. Share your referral links or coupon codes to your audiences on social media ie. Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Tiktop, Blogs, or anywhere you like and earn money on qualifying purchases. You can also receive up to a 250% bonus based on purchase volume.
What if my referrals buy another product than what I've shared?
No Problem. If your referral clicks on your referral link, whatever they buy in the next 365 days from Fabrilife, you will get your referral commission for all of the items. Also, the 365 days validity resets every time they click on your referral link. So, once your referral is link-shared, it lasts for a lifetime.
What is the Fee and how do I qualify for XploeSquad?
Joining XploeSquad is Free if you register before 31st December 2021. And it's open to everyone. So HURRY!
How do I keep track of my commissions?
On XploeSquad dashboard, you will find real-time reporting on customer purchases and your commissions earned to date.
What is the payout period?
Every 15 days and we are very strict about it. Your commissions will be deposited to your preferred account channel (Bank/Bkash) between the 15th-20th day and 1st-5th day of each month.
Will my referrals get any discount?
Yes! All of your referrals will get an Extra 10% OFF on top of other sales and promotions on Fabrilife.
How does the referral system work on App?
Referral Coupon. You can find your referral coupon on your XploeSquad Dashboard. Ask your referrals to apply the coupon during checkout on XploFashion App to get an extra 10% discount, every time.
What is Referral Coupon?
A referral coupon is a discount coupon made just for your referrals. Your referrals can apply this discount coupon during checkout on the app or website to get an extra 10% discount on top of other promotions. You can find the coupon on your XploeSquad Dashboard.
What are my referral links?
There are two types of referral URLs.
Website link:{referral_id} You will find this URL on your XploeSquad dashboard.
Product link: After login into Fabrilife, go to our product gallery and choose any product. Open the product by clicking on the product name. On the product page, you will find your referral link for the particular product.
I have registered on Fabrilife. What to do now?
Go to your XploeSquad dashboard
1. Create your unique Referral ID, if you haven't already.
2. Then you will be redirected to your XploeSquad Dashboard.
3. Set up your payout information by clicking on the "Payment Settings".
4. Get your referral coupon and referral link from XploeSquad Dashboard.
5. Share the referral coupon and referral link with anyone on social media or on your website/blog.
6. If people click on your referral link, a discount coupon will be applied automatically. And if people buy anything from Fabrilife within the next 365 days, you will get your commission. Referral link validity resets every time they click on your referral link.
7. Alternatively, people can also apply your coupon when checking out. Every coupon is valid for a lifetime.
8. Check real-time purchase reporting on your XploeSquad dashboard.
I need detailed step by step instructions.
If you are still unsure about how to proceed, please follow the instructions on this page. XploeSquad Step by Step Guide
Commission Rates (Bonus Scheme)
Payout Period Customer Discount Your commission
Every 15 Days 10% 5% + Bonus Upto 200%
Flat 10%
15 day Sale Bonus
30-74 Orders 50%
Between 75 to 149 Orders 75%
Between 150 to 449 Orders 100%
Between 450 to 1499 Orders 150%
Above 1500 Orders 200%
You Expected Income
Avg. Daily Order 15day Total. Monthly Earning
Bonus Scheme
Monthly Earning
Flat Scheme
2 30 Orders ৳ 4,050 ৳ 5,400
5 75 Orders ৳ 11,812 ৳ 13,500
10 150 Orders ৳ 27,000 ৳ 27,000
30 450 Orders ৳ 101,250 ৳ 81,000
100 1500 Orders ৳ 405,000 ৳ 270,000
** In respect to our customers Avg Basket Size Tk 1000 for past 12 months.

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